Incised signature, dated ‘89’ and numbered 24/30 on the reverse.Stamp of Galeria Luisa Strina on the back.
size :
x 143cm
About the work

Keith Haring published his pyramids 1989 the year before his death in 1990. The rare screenprints on anodized aluminium feature dozens of his iconic characters dancing in a celebration of life all over the pyramid. Arranged within the large pyramidal form the exuberant figures arerendered in bright blue or yellow against a rich yellow/ gold or bluebackground. In Keith Haring’s work the pyramid was a common theme,that refers simultaneously to the antiquity and symbolizes the eternity.<br><br>This signed screen print from 1989 is a limited edition of 30from Keith Haring’s Pyramid series. Published as part of a set ofthree screen prints on anodized aluminum, Haring’s Pyramid wascompleted in 1989, the year before his tragic death by AIDS. Thisprint features a multitude of Haring’s most iconic symbols renderedin heavy bright yellow lines and set against a flattened teal backdrop.<br><br>Assembled within a large pyramid, Haring’s energetic figures dance aroundthe canvas in a celebration of life and emanate a sense of positivity amidstan extremely difficult time in the artist’s life. Haring used his art as a wayto promote positivity across the world and stated ‘It should be somethingthat liberates the soul, provokes the imagination and encouragespeople to go further. It celebrates humanity instead of manipulating it.’<br><br>Throughout Haring’s work, the pyramid was a common symbol usedto refer both to the otherworldliness of antiquity and as an emblem ofeternity. Pyramid also nods to the way in which Haring was inspired byAncient Egyptian hieroglyphics throughout his career. The complexarrangement of many simplified figures and forms reflects Haring’sinterest in how signs are used in many different cultures to conciselycommunicate multifaceted ideas.


Private Collection Galeria Luisa Strina (acquired by the present owner in the 1990’s).

The artist(s)


Keith Haring's enduring legacy lies not only in his iconic imagery but also in his commitment to using art as a tool for social change. His fusion of art and activism demonstrated the power of creative expression to foster dialogue and inspire positive transformation. Haring's influence extends well beyond the art world, remaining an emblem of compassion, advocacy, and the enduring ability of art to transcend boundaries and resonate across generations.

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