b. 1989
  • Brazil
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Gustavo Caboco, hailing from the Wapichana tribe, delves into the realms of visual arts, literature, and cinema. His artistic repertoire spans across various mediums, encompassing drawing, painting, textiles, installation, performance, photography, video, sound, and text. Through these diverse channels, he offers a platform for contemplation on the displacement of indigenous bodies, the dynamics of (re)territorialization, and the construction of memory.

Caboco’s artistic journey commenced in his early years, under the tutelage of his mother, Lucilene Wapichana, in her sewing studio. Immersed in her narratives about family, landscapes, and the Canauanim maloca in Roraima, where she spent her youth, Caboco’s upbringing laid the groundwork for his artistic exploration.

Drawing inspiration from the threads of his mother’s stories, Caboco’s research revolves around the quest to reconnect with ancestral lands, seeking the path to “return to the earth.” It is within this journey that his artistic expression flourishes, weaving together the threads of ancestral ties to the land, a resilient memory impervious to erasure. Complementing his artistic endeavors, Caboco actively engages with educational settings, including schools, universities, cultural centers, indigenous communities, and quilombola settlements. Here, he facilitates practical activities rooted in his anti-colonial pedagogy, alongside independent investigations within museum collections and archives, challenging the dominant narratives of colonialism.

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Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil – Brasilia (CCBB).

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