b. 1937
- d. 1983
  • Brazil
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Known for her contributions to the Neo-Concrete movement in Brazil during the mid-20th century. Born in Rio de Janeiro in 1937, Polo was influenced by the cultural and artistic ferment of her time, particularly the ideas of the Concrete and Neo-Concrete movements.

Polo’s work often explored the interplay between geometric forms and organic shapes, reflecting her interest in the relationship between art and nature. She was deeply influenced by the Neo-Concrete manifesto, which emphasized the subjective and experiential aspects of art, as opposed to the rigid formalism of Concrete Art.

One of Polo’s notable contributions to the Neo-Concrete movement was her exploration of color and texture, as well as her use of unconventional materials such as fabric, thread, and found objects in her artwork. This experimental approach challenged traditional notions of artistic practice and helped expand the possibilities of abstraction in Brazilian art.

Throughout her career, Polo participated in various exhibitions and artistic events, both in Brazil and internationally, gaining recognition for her innovative contributions to the Neo-Concrete movement. Her work continues to be celebrated for its poetic sensibility, its engagement with materiality, and its exploration of the boundaries between art and life.

Despite her relatively short life, Maria Polo left a lasting legacy in the Brazilian art world, inspiring subsequent generations of artists to explore new avenues of expression and to push the boundaries of artistic practice.

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Maria Polo
Sem título, 1966

Oil on canvas
161 x 130 cm

Bolsa de Arte Sao Paulo
Modern and Contemporary Art
27 nov 2014
Lot # 51

Estimate: $6.792 – $ 10.189 USD
Hammer price: $ 17.319 USD
Buyer’s premium: $ 18.184 USD

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