b. 1994
  • Brazil
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Ziel Karapotó, a Brazilian artist hailing from the Karapotó Plak-ô community in Alagoas, stands as a beacon in contemporary art, intertwining indigenous narratives with modernity. With a Visual Arts degree from the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE), he wears many hats in the artistic realm, from being a multi-artist to a cultural producer, curator, performer, and audiovisual director. His art serves as a reflection of indigenous culture, identity, and the challenges faced in modern Brazil.

Although originally from the Karapotó Terra Nova community in São Sebastião, AL, Ziel now resides in the Marataro Kaetés Indigenous Reserve in Igarassu, PE. His commitment to indigenous activism is palpable through his involvement in research groups such as “Science and Indigenous Art in the Northeast” (CAIN-UFPE) and “Cultures of Anti-Racism in Latin America” (CARLA-UFBA). Since 2021, he has assumed the role of general coordinator for the Karaxuwanassu Indigenous Association in Urban Context (ASSICUKA), advocating for indigenous rights and cultural preservation.

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