b. 1983
  • Brazil
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Arissana Pataxó, a visual artist hailing from the Pataxó ethnicity, blends her heritage with contemporary themes in her diverse artistic techniques. Graduating from the Fine Arts Course at the School of Fine Arts, Federal University of Bahia in 2009, she concurrently immersed herself in extensive activities and educational programs within the Pataxó tribe, including workshops and the creation of educational materials. Beyond her own tribe, Arissana extends her outreach to other indigenous communities in Bahia, offering art educational programs and resources.

Arissana’s artistic oeuvre bridges traditional indigenous art with “Western art,” reshaping the landscape of contemporary art. Through her paintings, photographs, and sculptures, she captures life in Pataxó villages in southern Bahia, portraying indigenous individuals and communities as autonomous entities, embodying the signs, practices, and values intrinsic to her work.

Public Collections

Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology (UFBA) – Bahia, Museum of Arte of Montenegro – Rio Grande do Sul and Regional Visual Arts Salon of Porto Seguro – Bahia.

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