b. 1989
  • Brazil
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A powerful and multifaceted voice that emerges from the rich cultural tapestry of the Pataxó Hã-Hã-Hãe of Caramuru-Paraguaçu, in the south of Bahia. More than an artist, Olinda is a tireless storyteller, using the power of audiovisual language to weave narratives that echo the most pressing issues of our time.

Her artistic journey is one of resistance and resilience, where she positions herself not only as an artist, but as an active voice in the fight for environmental preservation, ethnic affirmation and the recognition of women. As a journalist, curator, filmmaker and environmental activist, she finds in each medium a tool to amplify her message, challenging norms and exploring new forms of expression.

A distinctive aspect of her work is her constant representation of the female perspective. In her creations, women take center stage, their stories and experiences come to life, defying social expectations and impositions that try to restrict their freedom and autonomy. In the film “Lili”, a tribute to the mythology of Lilith, Olinda delves deep into the complexities of heteronormative relationships, exposing the invisible bonds that imprison so many women. It is a work that transcends ethnocentrism, offering an incisive critique of the power structures that perpetuate oppression.

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